Mr. Poncho Earbuds Holder

Sandy Hyun and Roman Pietrs, jewelry designer and graphic artist respectively, invented Mr. Poncho as a solution to a common problem. Three hundred million people own an MP3 player and two hundred million own a smart phone. That adds up to 500 million tangled headphone cords. Mr. Poncho is a colorful, whimsically designed sleeve. Slide the MP3 player/smart phone into the sleeve. Pop up the rubber cup/cord holder on the side of the sleeve and wrap/unwrap the headphone cords. So simple a solution.

Mr. Poncho Earbuds Case Shark Tank

Sandy and Roman had been in business for about two years and had totaled $46,000 in sales. They made all the Mr. Ponchos in their apartment. Much as they enjoyed that, it was time for them to separate their work place from their living space and make more Mr. Ponchos in less time. And they needed an investment to be able to do that.

A problem for all the sharks was that they had a patent pending on only one part of the device. The rubber cup part was already patented by someone else, and they had repurposed it. Also, Sandy and Roman had not found out how much the devices would cost mass produced.

Mr. Poncho Earbuds Case Shark Tank 3

They did not get an investment, but they appreciated the feedback they received. They were going to improve Mr. Poncho. There is no evidence of Mr. Poncho being around now. There is no website. It may have been sold on Amazon and/or Etsy at one time, but no longer. A moment of silence for the departed Mr. Poncho.

Mr. Poncho is no longer available.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/20/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 10




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