Naja – Luxurious Lingerie

Who knew that buying a new pair of underwear could change someone’s life? It’s true, you can be the catalyst. But it’s actually a twofold process –

1. When you buy this sleek and luxurious lingerie, you feel pampered and sexy, and you’ll know you’re purchasing an excellent product which will last. At Naja they carefully vet the materials that go into each bra or pair of panties, to make sure it’s the best quality and will make the most comfortable lingerie available.

2. Part of the profit made from each purchase goes towards the education and vocational training of a less fortunate individual. Here’s how it works: At Naja they train women who live in the poorest and most violent areas of the world – places where women ordinarily have little or no opportunity for education or advancement. These women are trained to sew and become Naja employees. They are then given good jobs which can literally change their lives.

By simply changing your brand of underwear to Naja, you automatically participate in the Underwear for Hope program. Each purchase empowers women and helps them gain confidence by allowing them to provide a good life for themselves and their children.

Want to change the world? So does Naja. Join them – you’ll make a good team

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/13/2015 – Season 6 – Episode 22




Sleep Pod by Hug Sleep

Sleep Pod’s patented design uses gentle compression to apply calming pressure around the entire body to simulate the feeling of being hugged, now with the added benefit of increased mobility and total feet freedom.

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Sleep Pod's unique cocoon-like shape covers your entire body, applying gentle, calming pressure, just like a hug.

Luxurious Faux Fur Waterproof Blankets & Outerwear


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