Nearly Newlywed

Jackie Courtney was surprised that Shark Tank called her. She was, after all, “just a girl with a website and 50 wedding dresses” in her bedroom. Jackie started her online consignment business for wedding gowns for the brides who were breaking their budget on a gown or who have to settle for less than they wanted. On Nearly Newlywed, the seller lists her wedding gown for a fraction of its original cost and recoups some of the money she spent on the “wear-once” dress. The buyer finds her heart’s desire at an affordable price. The big difference between the consignment platform and a rental service is that the buyer can alter the gown if she wants. She bought it, it’s hers. After the wedding, she can sell it on Nearly Newlywed or keep it. Kevin made an offer but Jackie declined.

Nearly Newlywed Shark Tank 3

After the show, the traffic on Nearly Newlywed skyrocketed. Jackie became partners with the upscale Kleinfeld’s Bridal (as seen on Say Yes to the Dress) in midtown Manhattan. They have thousands of wedding dresses on hand. Now Jackie has countless dresses (new, samples, preowned) on her website that are discounted up to 90% off retail. More than a million brides visit Nearly Newlywed annually. The website also includes “storefront” platforms on which other vendors sell wedding-related items, such as vintage or new engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal party gifts.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/16/2012 – Season 4 – Episode 10




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