Nerdwax – Stops Glasses from Slipping

Your eyeglasses are not only your most essential accessory, they’re a reflection of your individual style. The most common complaint among people who wear glasses is not comfort, or even dirty lenses, but constant slipping. If you wear glasses you know the problem well. They slowly slip down your nose and repeatedly need to be pushed back into place. If you’re leaning forward or bending over, your glasses will often slide down a good inch or more, and unless you like them perched on the tip of your nose, you’ll need to scoot them back up with the widely used one finger push technique. There are straps and hooks that can attach to your frames, but they’ are uncomfortable.

Nerdwax brings us a new solution to eyeglass slippage that’s easy to use, super affordable, nearly invisible, and something you won’t even notice you’re wearing. Just apply a little Nerdwax to the pads of your glasses and this organic wax blend will provide just the right amount of grip and tack to keep your glasses in place. The product is similar in packaging and application to your standard tube of lip balm, so it’s easy to carry with you or keep a stick stashed at home or in your office.

Nerdwax is made with high quality, cosmetic grade materials. The product is all natural and certified organic, and will not only keep your glasses from sliding down your nose, but the beeswax-based grippy balm is also good for your skin. A tube of Nerdwax will last 6-8 months depending on how frequently it’s used. A single application of will last somewhere between a couple hours and a full day, depending on what you’re doing. If you’re working up a sweat you may need to reapply Nerdwax sooner than when you’re quietly reading a book. Nerdwax won’t damage your frames or lenses, and is easily wiped clean with a microfiber cloth if some accidentally does get on the glass. It will wear off naturally from your skin leaving no mess behind.

Nerdwax is made by hand in small batches but they’re gearing up for heavier production. The product has been quickly gaining popularly and has been featured widely online after raising more than $61,000 in a Kickstarter campaign.

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