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Lisa Binderow is a Yogi through and through. For 7 years she worked on the corporate side of fitness giant YogaWorks, and taught yoga as an instructor. It was on a chilly walk to the studio one day that she realized her go-to outfit most days of the week, cropped yoga pants and top, would not cut it year-round. She was resistant to invest money in more workout clothes, and hated the feel of wool and acrylic leg and arm warmers on her skin after a sweaty session.


As with many entrepreneurs who appear on Shark Tank, when she couldn’t find the solution she needed, she decided to create her own. Her line of sweat-wicking, comfortable, slip-free leg and arm warmers are stylish and lightweight, and provide the extra protection you need in cold weather. The compressive material helps Nicepipes stay in place through your workout, something that the old leg warmers from the 80’s could never do. Nicepipes are made from the same soft, stretchy and forgiving fabric as yoga pants, making them the ideal extension of your current crops and tops.

The Nicepipes line features knee-high leg warmers that are great for a little extra coverage, as well as a thigh-high option that protects even more. Their stretchy arm warmers stay put without excessive squeezing and won’t slip as you run, stretch and play.


With the trend of athleisure wear taking over the fashion world, and more and more of us understanding the necessity of staying active, there’s never been a better time for Nicepipes to be on the market. These versatile arm and leg warmers come in bright, fun colors and patterns and can be worn to the gym, the studio, on the trail or to the grocery store. Nicepipes are not only fashionable and functional, they can also withstand your toughest workout. You’ll look great, feel great, and be able to focus on performing at your highest level.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/13/17 – Season 8 – Episode 13




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