Noene – Shock Absorbing Shoe Insoles

Running, jogging, sports, and even walking are high-impact activities that subject your body to strong and potentially damaging external forces. With each stride, up to five times your body weight reverberates up your legs, through your ankles, knees, hips and into your spine as a shockwave. These stresses can lead to joint damage over time, and it’s important that you take steps to minimize the potential for injury while remaining active. Many people add extra insoles to their shoes, and while they may make their shoes feel more comfortable, not all insoles actually protect joints, muscles and bones effectively.

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Noene is a proprietary type of rubber which was created for industrial uses where shock absorption and vibration reduction is critical, such as high speed trains. It has a special composition, giving it high viscoelasticity, which allows it to deform under stress but quickly spring back into shape. This unique material is now available as a shoe insole which is perfect for absorbing the shockwaves of running and other activities that can be stressful on joints.

Noene insoles aren’t just for sports, they are great for anyone who has to stay on their feet for long periods. Noene insoles are super thin and can easily fit inside any shoe from formal or casual wear to athletic shoes. Once you try them you’ll get a set for every pair of shoes you own.

Noene insoles are perfect for athletes, workers who stand frequently, seniors who need extra protection for aging joints, and children who are on the go all day. Noene insoles make feet happy, and can help prevent serious joint and muscular problems. Check out the video below to see how they work.

Most customers give Noene insoles a glowing five star review, especially those who are struggling with joint pain. Many say they are a miracle product that eliminates pain in heels, knees, back, and ankles. Those who rated the insoles lower were often looking for more comfort and support generally provided by custom orthotics. Noene insoles are thin and aren’t intended for added support, they’re designed to be an added shock absorber which can be used with regular or custom insoles if desired. Other negative reviewers don’t like that the insoles are intended to be dedicated to one pair of shoes, so multiple sets of insoles are required if using in multiple pairs of shoes. The insoles come with an optional sticky tape to hold them permanently in place, so it is difficult to transfer them to another pair of shoes if the tape is used.



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