Proof Eyewear – Wooden Eyeglasses

Proof Eyewear’s Wood Collection represents a unique take on traditional sunglasses, offering stylish sunwear and prescription eyeglasses made from 100% natural and sustainable materials. Sunglasses in the Wood Collection are all elegantly crafted by hand from beautiful woods such as ebony, mahogany, lacewood, bamboo, and zebra wood.

Every pair of Proof Eyewear sunglasses in the Wood Collection comes with stainless steel spring-loaded hinges engineered for durability, comfort, and ease of wear. Each frame is hand-polished and treated with a water-resistant coating to protect the wood from sweat and other moisture. The prescription models feature a unique split-frame construction allowing for easy lens-changing.

Sunglasses in the Wood Collection are available in many styles for both men and women, ranging from classic to modern and everything in-between. From keyhole frames to the iconic Clubmaster style reminiscent of the the 1960’s, the Wood Collection offers something for everyone.

In keeping with Proof Eyewear’s focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness, sunglasses in the Wood Collection are made of responsibly-sourced materials from certified sustainable North American forests. The wood is inspected and then selected for quality before being hand-shaped into frames for our glasses.

As with all of Proof Eyewear’s products, a portion of each purchase contributes towards causes which help those in need around the world.

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