Rags to Raches – Kid’s Rompers and Shirts

The past several years have shown a spike in cool and trendy clothing lines for kids. From H&M’s classic kids line to a rumored collection by Kanye West, it looks like tiny fashion is becoming the next big thing. But West and others like him may have just one woman to thank for getting the ball rolling bringing this trend to the map, and her name is Rachel.

Rachel is the owner of Rags to Raches, a kids line purported as the original home of the romper. What began as a way to sell off some used handmade clothes Rachel’s kids had grown out of has since turned into what the Huffington Post has dubbed one of the ‘Top 15 coolest kid brands in America’. Rachel’s unique line of clothing includes quirky tee shirts, funky men and womens clothes, and her signature rompers.

The rompers themselves are adorable, with personality-filled sayings and soft, neutral colors. They’re perfect for boys or girls, and provide all the wiggle room they need with all the convenience you do. As Rachel says on her website, “I wanted something that was comfortable and practical, while also being stylish”. Her creations certainly do the trick. With convenient pockets and a slouchy, easy-to-play-in style, they make your kids look as good as you do – maybe better.

Rags to Raches didn’t just skyrocket to tiny fashion greatness overnight, however. The company started as a mom just trying to sell some used clothes on Instagram. When Rachel realized her friends were freaking out over her handmade clothes, she decided to start selling.

In 2014, she started selling tee shirts, and finally came up with the idea for the romper, which has been Rags to Raches’ biggest hit. She was able to move her family from a small house to a bigger one, hire some employees, and crank out even more products. Today, just two years later, Rags to Raches operates out of a warehouse that’s fully staffed for orders.

Rags to Raches is a true American story of hardwork, dedication, and a dream. With little clothes this cute, it’s not hard to see why Rachel’s little dream has become such a big reality.


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