RootSuit Spandex Body Suit

RootSuit is the original seller of full body spandex suits that are perfect for sporting events, parties, Halloween, and other events. Founded in 2008, RootSuit’s product has grown in popularity, allowing people to show their fandom and have fun. The suits are made of high quality, strong material so you can wear them again and again

RootSuits cover your body from head to toe, but the masks are quite easy to see through. Still, you should be careful in crowded or dark locations. You can also drink through the mask, but you’ll probably make a mess. The mask can be easily removed so you can eat while watching your favorite team play or while hanging out with your friends at a party.

RootSuits come in solid colors, and patterns. Whether you want to dress up for a football game, Halloween, or a 4th of July party there is a RootSuit for you. The company also offers accessories to bring your RootSuit to the next level. You can add a utility belt, flashing gloves, cape, fur coat, and more to your suit to help you stand even further from the crowd. RootSuits are available online in sizes suitable for anyone age 8 and up.

*Update: RootSuit is no longer available.

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