Solemates – High Heel Protector Cap

CoFounders, Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown pitch their product Solemates on Episode 4, Season 8 of Shark Tank. Solemates are protective plastic sleeves that slip over the heel of a high heeled shoe, protecting them from damage and providing extra stability. Heels can easily be ruined when they sink into grass, sand, gravel, or other outdoor surfaces. Solemates keep the heel from digging into the ground and protect it from dirt and abrasion. They’re also great for preventing face-plants, ankle twists, and other off-balance embarrassments when navigating uneven terrain like cobblestone, sidewalk grates, or wooden decks.

Solemates click into place over the heel so they grip the heel firmly without doing any cosmetic damage. They’re made of flexible plastic that can stretch over and lightly squeeze the heel. To make the plastic more pliable you can warm it up a little in your hands.

The product is nearly invisible in grass, and most people don’t notice it on other surfaces. In fact, Carrie Underwood wears Solemates when she performs on stage in heels.


Solemates are reusable but eventually they get worn out and need to be replaced, but much better to replace a small plastic accessory then a favorite pair of shoes. Solemates come in clear or black and are available in 3 sizes to fit every show in your collection. The Solemates Classic size fits most heels, but some shoes may need the Narrow or Wide sizes. Solemates are also sold in sets that include multiple sizes and replacements.



The Solemates product line has grown to include several additional products, many focused on solving the types of wardrobe and shoe problems that come up at weddings, parties, and other occasions where you might need a quick fix.

Blister Blocker prevents blisters and irritation caused by tight fitting shoes. It’s an anti-friction balm that you apply before you get a blister, not as a treatment after. A thin layer of Blister Blocker will protect your feet while keeping them comfortable in your shoes, and leaves no residue or fragrance. A must have for breaking in new shoes.


They also make a variety of Rescue Kits that contain a collection of tools and products that just may save the day. The Bridal, Bridesmaid and Wedding Party Rescue Kits have a solution to any possible mishap and include items like Advil, Antacid, Bandaids, hair bands, breath mints, blister, ear plugs, nail files, combs, tissues, wipes, sewing kits, floss, bobby pins, safety pins, and Tampax.



The Shoe Rescue Kit has what you need to handle shoe and foot related emergencies. Kits include a pair of Solemates, nail clipper and file, peppermint foot wipes, bandages, shoe cleaning wipes, nail polish remover, ball of foot cushions, anti-skid pads, and heel gel cushions.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 10/14/16 – Season 8 – Episode 4







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