The Total Tie Keep – Holds Neckties in Place

The necktie is a staple of formal menswear that creates sharp and professional look, but after a long day or night they can end up crooked and disheveled. The traditional solution has been to use a tie clip to hold the tie in place, but tie clips are visually intrusive and often lack style.

The Total Tie Keep is a unique accessory that holds neckties securely in place while remaining completely out of sight, hidden behind the tie. It’s a small strip of fabric with button holes that slip over 3 of your shirt buttons underneath the tie. The strip has a couple loops on the front that you tuck the skinny end of the tie (the tail) into. The whole strip, with the tail of the tie attached, is placed through the keeper loop on the back of the wide end of the tie (the blade). The Total Tie Keep will ensure you’re looking sharp and neat, and will hold your necktie perfectly in place even while bending over, in windy conditions, or while tearing up the dance floor.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/5/2016 – Season 7 – Episode 12




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