TieTry Neck Tie Subscription

Attorneys David Powers and Scott Tindle billed their business as “The Netflix for Ties.” TieTry was a neck tie mail-order rental service. Customers signed up for a monthly subscription, selected a tie based on style, pattern and width, and received their requested item in the mail a few days later. The subscription was $15.99 a month to wear up to 10 different $80-$90 designer ties and bow ties a month. The selection was unlimited, and David and Scott had started to add pocket squares, cuff links, watches and sunglasses.

Tietry Neck Tie Subscription Shark Tank 2

Kevin O’Leary offered them a deal if another shark would go in with him. No one did.

After their appearance in the Tank, David and Scott had a huge bump in business—too much for them to manage at that time. Five months after their appearance, Fresh Neck of New York City acquired TieTry.

Scott started a duck boat tour company on the Gulf Coast and later went to work for the University of Mobile. David found a company to provide legal advice to non-profits and political committees in Washington, DC. He also served as in-house counsel to the Republican National Committee.

TieTry was acquired by Fresh Neck of New York City.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/16/2012 – Season 4 – Episode 10




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