Under-Ease Underwear – Anti-flatulence Underwear

Update: Under-Ease is no longer in business

Frequent flatulence is a problem experienced by many. Digestive issues ranging from lactose intolerance to Crohn’s Disease cause gas buildup in the intestine making flatulence very difficult to control. Symptoms can be managed to an extent, but suffers often still end up in embarrassing situations when out in public.

Under-Ease is underwear for flatulence. It offers protection and peace of mind for those with embarrassing digestive issues. Under-Ease is made from a soft air tight fabric that controls the movement of the odor, preventing it from causing embarrassment.

The design of Under-Ease forces flatus to exit through an air filter that is built into the garment. This high quality filter traps any offensive smells using activated carbon between layers of wool felt and polypropylene spun glass. The air filter is easily replaceable after the activated carbon has lost its effectiveness over time. Each filter lasts from several weeks to several months depending on use.

Even though Under-Ease must remain air tight to maintain their effectiveness, they are discrete and comfortable to wear, made from plolyurethane-coated nylon with elastic around the waist and leg bands. They can be worn to bed, social events, work, meetings or when traveling. They are impossible for others to detect, giving you piece of mind when out in public.

Under-Ease are also easy to care for. With the filter removed, the underwear can be washed with your other laundry on a gentle cycle in warm water with non chlorine bleach. Care should be taken not to puncture or tear the material. The carbon filter can be machine or hand washed and tumbled dry on low heat. After washing, return the filter to the pocket on the undergarment and your Under-Ease are ready to wear.

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