Unshrinkit – Restores Shrunken Clothing to Original Size

It’s a heart-breaking mistake that we’ve all made in our lives – you accidentally throw a sweater into a hot washing machine or dryer and it comes out child-sized.  Your beloved sweater is now at best a hand-me-down or worse, completely ruined. Now there’s an easy way to save those shriveled sweaters with Unshrinkit. This revolutionary new formula restores shrunken wool clothing to its former glory in just 30 minutes.

Unshrinkit works on wool and wool blends including angora, merino, alpaca, sheep’s wool, lamb’s wool, synthetics and blends, and the world’s softest fabric – cashmere. Unshrinkit is currently working on a different formula for use with cotton and denim.

The product was created by co-founders Nate Barbera and Desiree Stolar who meet each other in Harvard Business School. They inadvertently shrunk a favorite sweater and found that the existing home remedies did little or nothing to restore the garment to its proper size. So they set out to create a new solution by interviewing chemists, wool manufacturers, clothing designers and moms until they perfected the Unshrinkit formula.

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Just fill your sink with warm water and mix in the whole bottle of Unshrinkit liquid. Allow the clothes to soak in the mixture for around 30 minutes, then rinse with cold running water and gently stretch the clothing back into shape by hand. Squeeze out any excess liquid and set the clothing on a towel until dry.

How it Works

Wool clothing is made of 1000’s of fibers which are long and straight when a garment is new. The heat and agitation of electric washers and dryers break the fiber’s natural protein bonds, creating a chemical reaction which causes the fibers to curl up and shrink. Once the fibers are curled up they become knotted and locked together. Unshrinkit relaxes the protein bonds and allows fibers to straighten out, and once rinsed in cold water the fibers will be reset into their straightened state.

The only downside is the Unshrinkit liquid has a strong smell while in use, but the odor does go away after the clothing is rinsed clean. Unshrinkit is designed to be safe for sensitive skin, and is no more dangerous than typical soap or conditioner, but if you normally wear gloves when washing dishes or doing your laundry you may want to wear them while using this product as well. If you are unshrinking a garment that you know tends to bleed color, it’s recommended that you dry the garment after treating with Unshrinkit using a darker colored towel.

Unshrinkit will not damage your delicate fabric or affect the brilliance of your clothing’s color, so your favorite sweater won’t come out dull and fuzzy after treatment.

Unshrinkit should be used within one year of purchase for best results. You need to use the entire bottle when unshrinking, so don’t worry about how to preserve any unused portion. One bottle will unshrink up to four articles of clothing.


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