Everyone is familiar with the red disposable plastic cup. More than 2 billion of them are used each year. You see them at parties, tailgate events, BBQs, and nearly everywhere in between. Everyone knows and loves their little plastic disposable cups. For something that’s used billions of times each year, how could it get any better?

The 180cup takes the traditional disposable cup and turns it on its head, literally. The top side is a standard 18 oz cup, but the bottom is a 1.5 oz shot glass. The 180cup is the real party cup. One cup covers every type of drink. There’s no need to waste multiple cups for beers and shots. Use the same cup for both.

The 180cup is all you need. They’re made super tough. Unlike other disposable cups that easily crack and break, the 180cup stands up to abuse. Squeeze it, hit it, crush it and it still holds liquid without fail.

The 180cup is for more than just drinks. It works great as a condiment holder too. Turn the cup upside down and the shot container is the perfect reservoir for ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, or any other condiment. Even if your event is alcohol free, the 180cup is the perfect choice for any party.

You would think that for all of this that you would have to pay a premium, but the 180cup is no more expensive that the red party cups that you always buy. With its versatility and durability, you’ll actually find that you need fewer cups for your parties.

Available in both red and clear, the 180cup comes on packages of 24, 42, or 50. Using it for drinking games? There’s even a set specifically for beer pong. The 180cup really is the real party cup.

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Did the sharks bite into this product?

180cup went into the Shark Tank seeking $300k for 15% equity. In the end, Daymond reached a deal for 25%. Visit their website for for info.

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