The Atlantic Candy Company has been a major player in the candy industry since the 1980s when it operated under the name Whetstone Candy Company. Based in Saint Augustine, Florida, they have been a top manufacturer of popular candies for Hershey, Mauna-Loa, Nestle, and M&M Mars.

The Atlantic Candy Company was behind some of the biggest products in the candy business including the Hershey Kiss with almond, Hershey Nugget, M&M hollow characters with M&M’s inside, and the Nestle Magic. Their specialty is designing and creating custom machinery and production techniques for new candy products, like how to embed an almond inside a Hershey’s Kiss.

Their latest creation is called Toy Box, which is a chocolate shell over a plastic center capsule (similar to an easter egg) with a surprise toy inside. A typical toy might be a cute animal figurine, race car, or tank. They will release a variety of new toy prizes in hopes that kids (and adults) will want to collect them all.

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