Bee Free Honee – Honey Alternative Made With Apples

It’s time to give a break to one of the hardest working and most important segments of the workforce, the honeybee.

According to Bee Free Honee, the vegan honey product derived from organic apples, there are roughly “31 billion honeybees” that “converge on California’s Central Valley each February to pollinate the almond trees”. These bees are hauled by trailers on a nationwide tour to pollinate various crops, from the oranges of Florida to the cherries of Washington. They’re worked all year long on a diet of sugar water and corn syrup in order to keep honey on the shelves.

Bee Free Honee’s mission is to end the slavery of these bees, and while that may sound laughable on the exterior, the company takes a deep look at the system of pollination and makes a great point. Without bees and other pollinating insects, those bugs that most of us avoid at all costs, there would be no crops at all. The fruits and vegetables that we love (and from there the herbivore-based meats that we love even more) would be wiped out.

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Bee Free Honee is a100% vegan alternative to honey. Handmade by the women who own and operate the company, it is crafted from organic apples and has the same quality taste, texture and sweetness of honey. It’s perfect for waffles and pancakes, oatmeal, hot beverages, and anywhere else you would use honey. Unlike traditional honey, however, it comes in a number of flavors ranging from silky (non-dairy) chocolate to chile.

Bee Free Honee is passionate about creating a better world for pollinators and the herbivores, carnivores and omnivores that thrive because of them. Their “honee” is available all year long without harming any living thing. With their focus on earth-friendly practices and superior value for the dollar, Bee Free Honee is a perfect alternative for those looking to try something new and protect the environment at the same time.

Update: Bee Free Honee is no longer in business.

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