Blendtique – Create Your Own Wine Blend

The world loves wine, that’s a fact. More than liquor, more than craft beer, more than bathtub-made moonshine … we love wine. The founder of Blendtique Wine Company, Billy Dim, really loves wine. During his time working in and around the Santa Ynez Valley wine industry in California, Dim witnessed the explosion of a few small wineries turn into a truly booming industry. Upon visiting wine country for the traditional wine-lovers tours, he was disappointed with the limited experience available. He, like many wine lovers, wanted more than just tastings. He wanted to get a little more hands-on with this wine experience—that’s why he created Blendtique.

This wine company does more than deliver bottles to your doorstep, it lets you customize and create your own unique blend. When you buy the kit, you’ll get 4 distinct varieties of wine: Syrah (a powerful red), Grenache (berry red), Cabernet Sauvignon (arguably the most popular red), and Merlot (a medium-body red). You’ll also a flask and measuring pipette. From there, you’ll just need wine stems. It’s time to blend!

Blendtique includes a cheat sheet Blending Chart to help with the process, but it’s really up to you to create your own unique blend. Billy Dim believes that the beauty of wine is that it’s already such a custom experience. Your wife’s favorite wine may be too bold for your taste, while your own may be too fruity for her. What pairs well with the steak you cooked to perfection may disturb your taste buds if paired with white fish. The opportunities are already endless—now Blendtique lets you customize the experience even more.

When Dim launched Blendtique Wine Company, he wanted to create an interactive experience for wine lovers to fully participate in the wine experience. Some of the most popular wines on the market today are blends, including Chateau Margaux, Chateau Rayas and Vega Sicilia Unico. Why not bring the beauty of blending right to your own home? Just be sure to keep up with your measurements, or you’ll miss the best part of the kit: ordering your very own bottle.

Once you’ve blended up your ideal wine, a perfect mixture of color, aroma, flavor, and texture, you can then order a bottle of your very own. Blendtique lets you create a custom label, too. Stick your name on it, give it a funny name, or brand it with your own business logo. This option is perfect for restaurants looking for a true “house wine”—one crafted by the team itself. Dim really took many avenues into consideration when launching this business, and it’s working for customers.

The idea with this one-of-a-kind wine company was to create a real experience. The kit isn’t just designed for solo use. It’s perfect for a unique date night, a girls’ night in, or any party—see who can make the best-tasting sip! Give it as a wedding gift, housewarming gift for the wine lover in your life, or as a very special white elephant. Blending should be a shared experience.

Great for wine lovers, Blendtique Wine Company is a new way to love wine—creating your own, right at home.

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