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Makenzie Marzluff loves hummus. It’s a healthy and savory snack that you can feel good about eating. She also loves desserts, for obvious reasons. How to satisfy her craving for sweet and decadent treats, while avoiding all the bad things that go along with them? By combining the two flavors she loves and creating a whole new category of snack foods in the process – dessert hummus. Yes, hummus can taste like cookie dough.

Delighted By Hummus is a line of sweet spreads that are indulgent but healthy, with chick peas as the primary ingredient. They use coconut oil rather than traditional olive oil, and switch additives like garlic and lemon with cinnamon, vanilla beans, and cocoa powder. They are naturally sweetened with coconut sugar, which is considered a low-glycemic sweetener.

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Delighted By Hummus currently offers 4 delectable flavors: Vanilla Bean, Snickerdoodle, Choc-o-Mint and Brownie Batter. Each is made with natural ingredients and are vegan, dairy free, gluten-free, and taste remarkably like their not-so-healthy dessert equivalent. None of their products have preservatives or GMO ingredients, and they are as nutritionally dense as the hummus you’re familiar with. It’s delicious right out of the container, but you may also want to try some of the recipes and recommendations on the Delighted By Hummus blog.

A certified nutritionist, Makenzie Marzluff’s passion is not just feeding the body, but feeding the spirit as well. Her holistic expertise, certification as a pilates instructor, and entrepreneurial spirit has led to previous successful business ventures including Glow Nutrition and Pilates Centre in Australia and Osaka Sun Blendery in Arizona. Still, it is with Delighted By Hummus that Makenzie feels she has reached the pinnacle of her dreams and her talents. It is her desire that her customers will be able to do the same.

Delighted By Hummus is about much more than just tasty, good-for-you desserts and watching the bottom line. The company’s mission is to shift the food industry from focusing on merely what sells, to what is good for humanity. In the process, she hopes to inspire others to tackle big goals head on.

To help other entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world while they make a living, Mackenzie created Delighted by: The Movement, a six week intensive program where entrepreneurs get the guidance, coaching, and support they need to realize their dreams. It is designed to accelerate both professional and personal growth, using Mackenzie’s 11 Pillars of Conscious Enterprise, which cover everything from raising capital to how to leverage fear and uncertainty.

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Before appearing on Shark Tank, Delighted By Hummus was already gaining momentum. The inventive dessert hummus has been featured in The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Self, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health magazine, and has Kelly Ripa’s seal of approval. They are growing fast, with new vendors selling all four flavors around the country. It seems that the world is delighted by the hummus that stands for something, and Mackenzie is well on her way to achieving her biggest dreams.

UPDATE: Delighted By Hummus is no longer in business.

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