Element Bars – Customizable Energy Bars

Element Bars are customizable energy bars you can order online. You choose your own ingredients and get a custom label, and the bars get shipped to your door. Do you want a chewy bar, or crispy? Would you like sweets, fruits, nuts, and energy boosting ingredients? You can even keep track of the calorie count while you build your custom energy bar. You can also choose from several pre-made flavors like Almond Sunrise, Autumn Blueberry, Chocolate Cherry, Cinnamon Mornings, Datey Divine, Nutty Delight, Oaty Trails, and Simply Cranberry. The creator of Element Bars went into the Shark Tank asking for $150k for a 15% share of the company, and made an impressive presentation. After some tough negotiations with the sharks, Element Bars struck a deal with Kevin Harrington for 30% equity.


Shark Tank Air Date: 9/13/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 6


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