Fizzics – Beer Pouring System

It all began when co-founders Phil Petracca and David McDonald asked the question “what makes draft beer taste so much better than bottled”? It turns out that the way beer is poured from a tap when under pressure has something to do with it. After researching the science of the perfect pour they wondered if they could create a device that could make store bought beer taste like draft beer.

A few years later Fizzics was born and beer lovers rejoiced and were merry. With Fizzics in hand, porch drinkers across the world could now improve the flavor of any regular can or bottle of beer, creating that fresh from the tap experience.

Fizzicss is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for outdoor activities and parties. It’s powered by AA batteries and requires no extra parts or CO2 cartridges to operate. It works on all types of beer and can fit any traditional size from big 64 ounce growlers to 12 ounce cans.


A Perfect Pour

To use Fizzics, place any beer inside the canister and insert the hose into the beer. Close the lid and when you’re ready to pour just push the handle forward to pressurize the canister. Beer will begin to fill your glass, which is held at an angle to the spout. Fizzics pours at the ideal volume and speed to maintain maximum carbonation. Just before your glass is full, push the handle backwards to finish the pour with the perfect head. Fizzics creates a creamy foam with ideal density and texture.

A Little About Head

Head is visually appealing, enhances the beer’s aroma (which has a significant impact on taste), creates a smooth and creamy feel in your mouth, and preserves the flavor of the beer underneath. In a traditional hand pour, the bubbles are quite large, creating a short-lived head with a grainy texture. Fizzics head is a dense micro-foam with tiny micro-bubbles which release more of the beer’s aroma and create a silky mouthfeel. The micro-foam head looks photoshoot ready and it sticks around as you drink, delaying degradation of the beer caused by contact with oxygen and preserving the flavor.


A Successful Pitch

During the pitch, all the Sharks get to taste a Fizzics pour and a regular pour side by side. They unanimously agree that the Fizzics beer is superior, and although skeptical at first, they’re all believers after their taste test.

Robert Herjavec makes the first offer, $500k for 8% equity, and subsequently both Lori Grenier and Kevin O’Leary match it. Mark Cuban offers $800k for 10%, and wants Lori to partner with him. The entrepreneurs capitalize on the growing momentum, and ask the two if they would be willing to close out their full series A round of investing. The new proposal is $2 million for 16.67% equity, to be split between Mark and Lori, and the Sharks immediately accept.

Fizzics Update – Business is Booming After Shark Tank

Since appearing on the show, the company has introduced their next generation of Fizzics, the WayTap, which is now available online and in retail stores including Best Buy, Target, Brookstone, and more. The WayTap is a smaller and more affordable version, but can only work its magic on cans and bottles up to 12 ounces. In addition to working with the Sharks, Fizzics also raised another $1 million on Kickstarter to bring the product to life.

Shark Tank Air Date: 9/23/16 – Season 8 – Episode 1





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