Henrys Humdingers – Flavored Honey

Mankind has had a craving for honey since ancient times when it was prized for its nutritional and therapeutic properties. Now there’s a new kid on the block – Henry’s Humdingers – a line of all natural honeys with a spicy kick. You may have enjoyed a sweet flavored honey before, well now you can have a spicy version too. Spiced honey is great as a condiment and creates an awesome twist on your favorite recipes. Try them on meatloaf, over chicken, and even in your Martini.

Henry’s Humdinger’s comes in flavors like Grumpy Grandpa, Diabolical Dad, Phoebe’s Fireball, and Naughty Nana and they are flavored with ingredients like garlic, red pepper, chipotle, cinnamon, habanero, lime and ginger.

Henry isn’t just a big fan of honey, he’s is also an eco-entrepreneur on a mission. Henry is determined to help save the bees, so a portion of the money he makes from his sales is donated to help the cause – whether the company makes a profit or not.

Henry’s Humdingers is raw honey, which means it comes straight from the beehive. It is strained without adding heat over 120 degrees. Other honey is generally pasteurized with a high heat which removes the healing and nutritional properties and changes the taste.

Update: The Henrys Humdingers website is no longer available. This product may be discontinued.

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