Hungry Harvest – Ugly Produce Delivery

We’re obsessed with beauty, and our standards and expectations are unattainably high, but that definitely shouldn’t apply to our produce. Fruits and veggies come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, but some perfectly good produce is considered “too ugly” to go to the market. Produce is considered ugly if it is too big, too small, misshapen, or even in the event of a framer surplus.

Every year over 6 billion pounds of fresh blemish-free produce is thrown away because it is not cosmetically pleasing, roughly 40% of what is grown. This wasted produce offers the exact same level of nutrition as what we find in our grocery stores. Not only is this a waste of perfectly edible food (when 48 million Americans are struggling to keep there families feed) it’s also a waste of energy to grow something that will end up on a truck to the landfill.

Hungry Harvest specializes in saving this doomed produce and letting it fulfill it’s destiny and become part of your dinner. It’s a subscription based home delivery service for ugly produce that saves you 20-30% compared to more aesthetically pleasing fruits and veggies. Each week Hungry Harvest delivers a fresh bag of produce in a reusable eco-friendly bag. The service is available year round so you can always have delicious fresh food without needing to do any shopping.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using Hungry Harvest is that for every bag of ugly produce they deliver, they donate a meal to someone in need (specifically 1.2 pounds of produce per delivery). This is produce with a purpose.

There are three sizes to choose from – the Mini Harvest is great for 1-2 people. The Full Harvest is enough for a family of 3-4 and the Super Harvest is for serious veggie lovers or vegetarians and vegans. You can choose between conventional produce or all organic produce. Fruit lovers can order the All Fruit Harvest in mini and full sizes. Delivery is free and it’s easy to skip a week if you go out of town.

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