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Long Table Pancakes produces heirloom grain pancake mix with a focus on sustainability. Heirloom grains are varieties of grains that have been passed down through the generations and are often grown for their taste and nutritional value rather than for their ability to produce high yields. These grains are often considered to be more flavorful and diverse than modern hybrid grains, which are typically chosen for their ability to grow quickly and consistently under a wide range of conditions.

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Heirloom grains may have higher levels of certain nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, compared to modern grains. This is because heirloom grains are often grown using traditional farming methods that may promote the development of a wider range of nutrients in the grains. In addition, heirloom grains are often grown in smaller quantities and may be exposed to a greater diversity of soil and environmental conditions, which can contribute to their nutritional value.

Heirloom grains are often good sources of B vitamins, including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. These vitamins are important for a variety of functions in the body, including energy metabolism, nerve function, and the production of red blood cells. Heirloom grains may also be good sources of minerals such as iron, zinc, and magnesium. Iron is important for carrying oxygen to the cells in the body and for the production of collagen, a protein that helps to form connective tissue. Zinc is important for immune function and the healing of wounds, and magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, including the metabolism of food, the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, and the function of muscles.

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The food we consume has a direct impact on the health of both individuals and the planet, and current industrial food systems contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. In an effort to create a more sustainable and transparent food system, Long Table Pancakes sources their grains directly from farmers and uses a farm-to-table supply chain.

Long Table Pancakes also supports regenerative agriculture practices, which aim to reverse the damage done to the environment through traditional farming methods. These practices include low-till farming, chemical reduction, cover cropping, crop rotation, crop diversity, and composting, and can help to capture carbon, clean water systems, foster biodiversity, and create healthy topsoil.

Long Table Pancakes is a member of the Artisan Grain Collaborative, a network of farmers, millers, maltsters, bakers, chefs, brewers, and researchers in the Upper Midwest working towards building a regenerative grainshed.

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Long Table Pancakes offers a variety of heirloom grain pancake mixes in different flavors, including White Knight (made with popcorn, oat, almond, and poppyseed), Windy Point (made with blue corn, buckwheat, hazelnut, and rye), and 1776 (a gluten-free mix made with sorghum, teff, almond, and blue corn).

Long Table Pancakes Heirloom Grain Pancake Mix Syrup

They also sell a range of organic maple syrups in flavors such as Sugarmaker’s Cut, Bourbon Barrel-aged, Ginger Root Infused, Coffee Infused, and Sparkle Syrup (which contains food-grade pearlescent mica suspended in pure organic maple syrup).

Shipping is carbon neutral and powered by Shopify Planet.

Long Table Pancakes are simple to make.

  1. Mix together the egg, the melted butter (you can use oil as well), and the milk (you can use non-dairy milks of all kinds).
  2. Add the pancake mix. Mix again.
  3. Fry hot & ungreased.

Long Table in the Shark Tank

In the Shark Tank, Samuel Taylor sought an investment of $140,000 for 15% equity in his pancake and waffle mix business. The valuation based on his ask was approximately $933,333. However, Taylor did not secure a deal with any of the sharks. His company, which featured products sold in independent grocery chains in Chicago and primarily online, had peaked at around $20,000 in annual revenue between 2015 and 2019. Taylor admitted his need for a strategic partner to boost his business, particularly in social media marketing. Despite the lack of a deal, Long Table’s pancake and waffle mixes gained recognition as some of the best in taste, with sales skyrocketing post-episode, resulting in over 10,000 orders within three days of airing​​​​.

Entrepreneur Samuel Taylor
Company Long Table
Ask $140,000 for 15% equity
Pitch Valuation $933,333
Result No deal
Sharks None

Long Table Update After Shark Tank

Following the episode, the company’s website saw a surge in traffic, receiving 20,000 orders that temporarily crashed the site. This increase in orders was a direct result of the exposure from the show. Additionally, Long Table enhanced its social media presence, actively posting on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which further boosted its audience reach​​.

The company expanded its market reach beyond the Chicago area, with its products now available in select locations across Wisconsin, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and even Hawaii. This expansion was accompanied by a notable increase in the company’s net worth, which rose to $900,000, and its sales, which reached $250,000. Long Table’s success post-Shark Tank also allowed them to scale up their business space, moving from a small room to a larger area for inventory and local deliveries​​.

In terms of product development, Long Table Pancakes has been actively involved in supporting sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. They joined the Artisan Grain Collaborative, a network promoting regenerative farming. The company introduced a new product, the Kernza short run mix, made in collaboration with farmer Wilden Hughes. This mix features Kernza, a perennial wheat with higher fiber and protein content than regular wheat, and it doesn’t require yearly replanting, aligning with the goals of regenerative farming. The Kernza mix saw a strong market response, with 50% of the product sold out shortly after its release​​.

These developments reflect Long Table Pancakes’ ongoing commitment to growth and impact in the food and beverage industry, leveraging the exposure and feedback from Shark Tank to enhance its business and product offerings.


Shark Tank Air Date: 01/06/2023 – Season 14 – Episode 10




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