UPDATE: Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles was rebranded as Mrs. Pickles, but is no longer in business.

These crisp and delicious gourmet pickles are based on super secret family recipe handed down from great grandma. They are crunchy and irresistible, and taste like no pickle you’ve ever had. Lynnae’s Pickles are available in two flavors – Mrs. Pickles (the original sweet and sour dill) and Hot Mama (sweet and sour pickle with a jalapeno kick). You can also participate in the National Pickle Hunt and you might find a hidden jar of pickles worth $200-$1000!

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Did the sharks bite into this product?

Lynnae’s Pickles went into the Shark Tank seeking $125k for 20% equity. Although the sharks enjoyed the pickles they did not invests in this product.

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