Mobcraft Beer Crowdfunded Beer

At Mobcraft, they make beer a little differently. The Wisconsin based company began on a crowdfunding website dedicated to food and drink called Craftfund. Fifty-two co-owners invested in the idea, making it the most successful crowdfunded beer to date.

Mobcraft creates their beers based solely on customer suggestions, so if you have an idea for a new beer recipe be sure to visit their website. Each month Mobcraft holds an open contest where the public submits and votes on ideas for the next beer. The winning idea gets produced and sold within 4 weeks, and the best of the best get added to the Flagships collection.

Mobcraft can ship beer to most states (excluding American Samoa, Arkansas, Armed Forces, Federated States Of Micronesia , Alabama, Guam, Kansas, Maine, Marshall Islands, Minnesota, Mississippi, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Tennessee, Utah, Virgin Islands) but be prepared to show proof of age to the delivery driver.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/11/2016 – Season 7 – Episode 21



Sleep Pod by Hug Sleep

One of the most popular products in Shark Tank history! Hug Sleep partnered with Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner and sold out within minutes of appearing on the show. The Sleep Pod broke all-time sales records for orders in a single week! Once you have one you’ll understand why. Makes a great gift too!



Sleep Pod uses the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy to help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.