Numilk Dairy-Free Milk

Almond milk is delicious, nutritious, low in calories and sugar and high in calcium, vitamin E and vitamin D. Enough reason right there that almond milk is increasingly popular. But for those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to cow’s milk, suffering from kidney disease, it is an absolute must, as it is with those living a vegan lifestyle or are environmentally conscious.

The problem is that many brands of almond milk add ingredients such as guar gum, locust bean gum, acacia gum and carrageenan, things that many find difficult to digest or do not want to ingest. Carrageenan, made from red seaweed, in particular, is very controversial, and there is currently a movement to have it banned as a food additive.

Numilk Dairy Free Milk Shark Tank 4

Ari Tolwin and Joe Savino, both veterans in the food and beverage industry, both lovers of almond milk, were frustrated with quality, taste, and environmental impact of your average run-of-the-mill almond milk. The result of solving those problems was Numilk, a “do-it-yourself” almond milk machine. You no longer have to choose between dairy and the hyper-processed alternatives with gums, fillers and preservatives.

There are two models: the Commercial Numilk Maker for a countertop in the coffee shop, cafe or your kitchen. The Numilk Kiosk is a stand-alone for the grocery store, which, via the Internet, can be programmed remotely according to the preferences of the specific location.

Numilk Dairy Free Milk Shark Tank 2

Both machines work the same way. Take an empty Numilk bottle, snug it into the chamber, choose unsweetened almond milk (only ingredients are almonds and water) or sweetened (water, almonds, and a hint of maple syrup). Press the button and the machine gets right to work. It mills the almonds, filters sediment and carbon from the water, and adds organic maple syrup (when desired). Just like that—30 seconds and you have fresh, creamy, affordable almond milk that you can add to cereal or coffee, use for smoothies or in any recipes for ice cream, soups and sauces. And, the machine even cleans itself!

Why Numilk?

Let us count the ways—and you will never be satisfied with “ordinary” almond milk again.

  • There are no preservatives or fillers.
  • It has more nuts, 12% compared to 2% or 3%, and, therefore, more of the nutrition gained from almonds.
  • Packaged almond milk can be watery; Numilk has a natural creaminess.
  • It foams beautifully in coffee, because of lower water content and absence of gums that don’t foam.
  • Numilk’s raw ingredients ship without the weight of water, avoiding much of the carbon impact of traditional food distribution.
  • Using the whole almond and reducing the number of steps between raw material and finished product, there is less waste.
  • There is also less waste with the innovative reusable and dishwasher-safe bottle.

Numilk was selected for the 2020 PepsiCo North America Greenhouse Program. PepsiCo supports emerging entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry with a grant and personalized mentoring in marketing, manufacturing, supply chain—all the challenges that a growing business encounters. They want to encourage purpose-driven brands that are changing the way consumers eat and drink.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/26/21 – Season 12 – Episode 18




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