Off The Cob – Organic Corn Tortillas

Most tortilla chips are made with grain corn, which has a hard dry kernel and starchy flavor. Grain corn is machine harvested in the Fall once the plant has died and kernels have hardened on the cob. Grain corn is commonly used to make ethanol and feed farm animals. The corn that you buy at the grocery store to boil or grill for dinner is a different variety called sweet corn. So why are most tortilla chips made with grain corn? Because sweet corn is twenty times more expensive.

Off The Cobb is the only tortilla chip made with 100% sweet corn, which gives them a savory sweet “real corn on cob” flavor, not the bland starchy flavor grain corn gives most chips. Not only do Off The Cobb chips taste better but they are better for you. Made with organic non genetically modified corn, these chips are gluten free, cholesterol free, trans fat free, and have almost no sodium. Plus when you buy Off The Cobb chips you’re supporting a small family farm.

*This product is no longer available.


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