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Can a fruit snack change the world? Evan Delahanty of Peaceful Fruits thinks so. When Delahanty started as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Amazon rainforest in 2011, he was aware of the major deforestation, but not of the human faces affected by the loss. Communities in the Amazon depended on income they brought in from one of the leading exports—acai berries. With 38 football fields-worth of rainforest being cut down every second (on average) it was clear to Delahanty that the communities he loved would be lost without a little thinking outside the box.

Soon after returning from that volunteer mission, Peaceful Fruits was born. These simple fruit-only snacks are a whole-foods alternative to traditional fruit snacks, with no high fructose corn syrup, sugar, or other harmful ingredients. They are fashioned from real fruit like pineapple and apple, with 25 acai berries in every strip—now that’s a lot of antioxidant power! The recipe is 100% organic, with no GMO-produced ingredients. The strips are vegan, paleo and gluten-free, making them ideal for anyone with these food allergies. What you see is literally what you get with Peaceful Fruits. No dyes, no preservatives, no anything but real fruit.

The tie that Peaceful Fruits has to the rainforest is a powerful force. Each fruit snack strip contains 25 pureed and slow-dried acai berries. These berries grow in abundance in the Amazonian communities that Delahanty worked with while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. The purchase of these berries helps to sustain these communities, while lending a special opportunity in the United States for a great impact.

Peaceful Fruits snacks are fair-traded, making them great for those communities in the Amazon that are close to Evan Delahanty’s heart. But at home in Akron, OH, where the snacks are manufactured, packaged and distributed, the brand helps another meaningful community: those with disabilities. By working in partnership with Akron-based nonprofits that provide full-wage employment those with disabilities, Peaceful Fruits helps this community of people to create products they can be proud of, while still reaching back to the roots of the company itself.

Delahanty’s goal with Peaceful Fruits can be summed up in 3 words: simple, sustainable, superfood. By keeping their recipes simple, their ingredients sustainable and incorporating the antioxidant powerhouse superfood acai berry, the company continues to meet that goal everyday. These tasty natural fruit snacks have already found fans in many natural foodie bloggers, as well as Teen Vogue. They’re the perfect pick-me-up for the 2PM dip, a snack for the kids after playing at the park, even for a little extra push before a tough workout. They’re super-easy to carry along on a daytrip with the family, or stashing in the car when the after-hours commute leaves you craving a little more.

Peaceful Fruits are certainly on their way to snack greatness, with a strong following in the making. Their mission continues to inspire consumers, and led to a 200% funding of their first Kickstarter campaign—garnering over $20,000. This company is all about giving back. Manufacturing strips helps give back to disabled communities, sales help give back to Amazonian communities, and consumption helps give back to you and your family, with a truly natural snack you can believe in.

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