Peekaboo Ice Cream with Hidden Veggies

Jessica Levison has always loved ice cream! After earning a BA in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and her JD from New York Law School in 2005, she worked as a legal aid of Broward County. She loved the work she was doing on behalf of her clients, but ice cream was always on her mind. While she was still working as an attorney, she opened up her own business, Serendipity Creamery, with locations in Surfside and Wynwood, Florida, and spent several years balancing her legal work and her ice cream business.

Jessica Levison Peekaboo veggie ice cream shark tank on set

After budget cuts affected her position as an attorney, Jessica decided to devote herself full time to the ice cream business. As a mother she began to face the parental dilemma of how to ensure her children ate a healthy diet, while minimizing the battles over food (particularly vegetables!) that frequently plague meal time. Jessica’s commitment to motherhood and interest in her business combined and she began wondering if it would be possible to create an ice cream that would be organic and delicious, but also contain some of the necessary nutrients found in vegetables. She attended the Ice Cream Short Course at Penn State, where studying the science and technology of making ice cream helped her solidify her concept.

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Jessica relayed the story to Meggen Taylor in a 6/6/20 article in Forbes Magazine. After acquiring all the proper permits and self-funding Serendipity Creamery, Jessica found that not only did she love eating ice cream, but she also enjoyed experimenting with flavors. Chefs from local hotels would ask for unique sorbets with seasonal ingredients such as “carrot mango sorbet!”

Jessica Levison With Peekaboo Ice Cream
Jessica Levison with the new Peekaboo packaging.

When first hearing about ice cream containing veggies, an understandable reaction might be “no way!” But this is not the first or only seemingly strange food combination with vegetables. Consider the delectable zucchini bread or trendy carrot wedding cake! Numerous favorable reviews of Peekaboo Ice Cream attest to the fact that the actual taste is great, and children eat it without complaint. Just a few combinations are Unicorn (a birthday cake flavor, with zucchini), Strawberry (with carrots), Chocolate (with cauliflower) or Mint Chip (with spinach)!

Rebecca Ditkoff, a registered dietician based in Manhattan, included Peekaboo Ice Cream in a list of convenient foods that contain healthy amounts of nutrition. (As reported by Karla Walsh of, 9/10/20.)

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Peekaboo Organics does not claim that their product is a replacement for vegetables, but that it is an easy way to get at least some of the recommended daily intake of the nutrients that vegetables provide. Peekaboo Ice Cream comes in pints and small cup sizes and is available through Amazon and the Peekaboo website (which has a local store locator), as well as many major food chains, such as Whole Foods and Safeway.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 12/11/20 – Season 12 – Episode 8




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