RuckPack Energy and Nutrition Shot

There a hundreds of energy products on the market. There are energy drinks, energy bars, energy shots and more. Each claim something different, but all have the same issue. They boost you up and then an hour or two later you crash, feeling worse than before.

RuckPack Combat Nutrition is the world’s first peak performance nutrition shot designed and tested by special ops forces. Tired of dealing with the crashes and side effects of traditional energy drinks, the creator, a Major in the United States Marine Core, formulated this nutrition shot while on a special operations team in Afghanistan. He and his team needed nutrition and energy to operate at peak performance without any side effects.

RuckPack Combat Nutrition does not contain any caffeine. Caffeine causes jitters and jitters simply aren’t an option for a sniper behind a scope. The energy boost comes entirely from the shot’s proprietary blend of vitamins and nutrients.

RuckPack uses a unique multi-layered process for creating long lasting energy. You get Vitamins B6 and B12 for immediate energy, MicroActive CoQ10 and Theobromine for long-lasting energy. RuckPack is also loaded with Vitamin D3, which promotes increased natural energy levels when taken over a 12-week period.

RuckPack is about more than just providing energy. It’s also packed with the nutrients that your body needs to endure and recover from strenuous physical and mental challenges. It isn’t just an energy shot, it’s peak performance in a bottle.

The entire shot is designed from the ground-up to give your body exactly what it needs to perform at its peak with none of the negative side effects. RuckPack Combat Nutrition was built for the soldier, but everyone has a battle to win. If it’s great for special ops forces, it’s great for fighting your own battles as well.

Ruckpack Sahrk Tank Update

Ruckpack in the Shark Tank

In the Shark Tank pitch for RuckPack, entrepreneur Rob Dyer asked for a $75,000 investment for a 10% equity stake in his company, implying a valuation of $750,000. His pitch included details of his military service and how RuckPack, a military-grade nutrition shot, was being carried by various businesses in Virginia, including 7-Elevens and independent convenience stores. Despite inventory sell-outs, Rob faced challenges in maintaining inventory without further investment. He had personally invested between $90,000 and $95,000 in the business, which had 16 owners in total and $240,000 invested primarily for prepaying inventory.

The sharks expressed concerns about the business’s sustainability and Rob’s divided attention due to his military service and job as an accounting professor. Daymond John, having competing products, opted out of the investment. Barbara Corcoran was concerned about the substantial investment already made and the dilution of equity. Mark Cuban was uncomfortable with Rob’s divided focus. Eventually, Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec jointly offered $150,000 for a 20% equity stake, which Rob accepted.

Following the deal, RuckPack’s sales significantly increased, with revenue growing from $35,000 to over $500,000. The company secured a deal with Walgreens and partnered with The GHT Companies in 2016. By 2023, the company’s revenue was estimated to be in the millions​​​​​​​​​​.

Entrepreneur Rob Dyer
Business Military grade nutrition shot
Ask $75,000 for 10% equity
Valuation $750,000
Deal $150,000 for 20% equity
Sharks Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec
Sales Before Pitch $35,000
Sales After Deal Over $500,000; Estimated in the millions by 2023

Ruckpack After Shark Tank

After RuckPack’s appearance on Shark Tank, the company experienced significant growth and changes. Initially, their Shark Tank exposure brought substantial attention, leading to a massive spike in sales. Their revenue surged from $35,000 to $500,000. The company even secured a $4 million distribution deal with Walgreens, placing their product in nearly 10,000 retail locations. They also sponsored a jet for various air shows across the country. This expansion and popularity, however, brought its own set of challenges.

Robert Dyer, the founder, faced difficulties in managing his CEO responsibilities due to personal reasons, including caring for his ill son. In 2014, he appointed Derek Herrera, a veteran Marine Special Operations Officer, as the new CEO. Unfortunately, Herrera’s leadership resulted in financial problems for the company. In 2016, Jimmy Patrick O’Brien Jr., a close friend of Dyer, took over as CEO. Under O’Brien’s leadership, RuckPack partnered with The GHT Companies to further build out the business.

Despite these efforts, RuckPack faced ongoing challenges. The company went through considerable changes in a short period, including introducing four new products. Investor Kevin O’Leary, during a visit to the company, expressed concerns about these changes but was impressed with the new product formulations and flavors. RuckPack also introduced a strategy of hiring veterans as commissioned salespeople, a move O’Leary found promising.

However, by 2017, Jimmy Patrick O’Brien stepped down as CEO, and Robert Dyer resumed running the company. As of 2023, RuckPack has downsized considerably from its post-Shark Tank peak but appears to have stabilized. The company’s annual revenue has been around $2.2 million since 2021. RuckPack’s product range now includes three energy drink flavors: raspberry, citrus, and strawberry, available directly from their website, though no longer available on Amazon. The company’s Instagram remains active, but it doesn’t focus heavily on advertising new products.

After Shark Tank, RuckPack experienced rapid growth and expansion, followed by a series of management changes and challenges. The company has since stabilized at a smaller size but continues to operate successfully, maintaining a focus on its core product offerings​​​​​​​​.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/16/2012 – Season 4 – Episode 10




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