Snacklins Vegan Pork Rinds

Samy Kobrosly, musician/DJ/food scientist, accepted the challenge. With his vast knowledge of all things food, he was able to make vegan pork rinds. He also created a whole new snack, Snacklins, made from mushrooms, onions and yuca mixed with spices and sea salt (kosher salt), then flash-fried in sunflower oil. Puffy, crispy, crunchy, healthy and tasting like the most delicious pork rinds.

Samy, “Chief Snack Bagger,” was known as “Samy K,” co-host of a popular radio program in DC. He left radio to work in some of the area’s leading restaurants, always adding to his food repertoire. His fount of food knowledge had taken him far, but never to pork. Samy, you see, is Muslim. The first thing he had to do was find out just what a pork rind is, what it looks like and tastes like, what its texture is, how it is made.

In addition to being vegan, Snacklins are free of wheat, gluten and peanuts and are non-GMO and paleo-friendly. There are only 80 calories per serving, and one serving is . . . wait for it . . . the whole bag!

Snacklins come in three flavors: Barbecue, Chesapeake Bay and Miso Ginger.

  • Barbecue has a “bite” from cumin and paprika.
  • Chesapeake Bay has a zesty taste reminiscent of the Mid-Atlantic’s signature Old Bay seasoning.
  • Miso Ginger is Asian-inspired with hints of red miso and ginger.

Now here’s the irony: While other snack producers (and they know who they are) want their packages to “imply” the snacks are healthy when they are not, Samy wanted packaging that made the healthy snack look like junk food! How else to have people grab it for a quick snack in, say, a convenience store. And what a great surprise they have in store!

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Snacklins Vegan Pork Rind Shark Tank 2

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/20/19 – Season 11 – Episode 4


Snacklins Vegan Pork Rind Shark Tank 3


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