Sunniva Super Coffee

UPDATE: Sunniva Super Coffee has been rebranded as Kitu Super Coffee

If you’re looking for a new pick-me-up that’s tasty and nutritious, look no further—Sunniva, the latest Super Coffee to break into the highly competitive, over-saturated coffee market, is fresh on the scene. With a mission to inspire healthy, productive living, Sunniva aspires to be the new go-to coffee beverage, a caffeinated premium product that’s packed with health benefits and energizing ingredients that will “naturally enhance your coffee habit.” This niche refreshment not only adds value from being a fortified drink, but it has large-scale potential and is hoping to lock in massive market penetration due to its shelf-stable capabilities as well as its widespread appeal across multiple consumer segments: Millennials, college students, corporate professionals, recreational and pro athletes, and soccer moms—not to mention any other health-conscious coffee lovers looking to mix things up a bit.

“It’s our job to make it cool to be healthy,” says Jimmy DeCicco, Sunniva’s CEO—“we want to influence a lot of people and say, ‘you don’t have to compromise to be healthy.’” Family owned and operated, Sunniva is disrupting the energy drink market by combining health and performance with great taste—a far cry from the flavor-boosting sugar-laden taste enhancement tactics of most other energy drinks dominating the industry. A well-crafted caffeine beverage alternative that significantly reduces sugar consumption, Sunniva seeks to challenge our dependence on potentially harmful sugars by reducing the amount of added sweetening agents which could lead to potentially devastating chronic illnesses (e.g., Sunniva has six times fewer added sugars than a 12oz Starbucks Frappuccino or a similar size Red Bull energy drink). Gluten free, lactose free, GMO free and free of any synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other toxin-filled substances that are known to compromise the health of our bodies—as well as the landscape where conventional coffee beans are grown and the coffee growers that tend to them—Sunniva was created by the youngest of the three DeCicco brothers, Jordan, a former all-conference basketball player who began brewing up his first blends in his dorm room. Hard pressed to find a healthy beverage that could give him extended energy in between practice and class, Jordan devised his own concoction and brought along middle brother, COO Jake, a former college football player, and Jimmy, a collegiate athlete and former finance professional, to pursue this entrepreneurial java venture. “By going from the ground up personally, you learn what it takes to make the best product,” says Jordan, whose signature recipe starts with the best organic Colombian coffee, providing 90mg of natural caffeine per bottle, which equals that of a traditional 8oz cup of coffee.

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Let’s have a look at what makes Sunniva a real standout. With 10g of lactose-free milk protein added to each 12oz bottle, Sunniva not only promises that well-rounded creamy coffee taste that so many of us love, but the Milk Protein Isolate or MPI doesn’t contain the sugars and fats in other leading creamers, making it easily digestible and packed with powerful amino acids that promote lean muscles and appetite suppression. And that’s not all … Sunniva also contains the superfood coconut oil, giving this super coffee a healthy dose of fat, which our bodies burn and convert into energy, as well as Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs that the body metabolizes quickly, which, in turn, lower cholesterol, improve brain function and may even facilitate weight loss.

With four flavors to choose from (Smooth Mocha, Maple Hazelnut, Vanilla Bean and unsweetened Creamy Black), Sunniva is available in 12-pack variety samplers online, at Whole Foods markets, as well as a whole host of neighborhood corner stores and convenience market chains. In case that’s not enough to get you salivating, Sunniva is sweetened with the antioxidant-packed monk fruit, which has been hailed by many cultures for its anti-inflammatory and potential anti-cancer effects. And, according to studies done in Europe, the US and Japan, daily coffee consumption (one to three cups) may be linked to a lower incidence of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. With a nutritional label like that, you may not have to curb that daily cup of joe after all.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 2/11/18 – Season 9 – Episode 22


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