The Cereal Killerz Cereal Bar

Cereal is one of those foods that can bring up memories of childhood favorites. Most of us, however, don’t have memories of being allowed to add our choice of ice cream and candy, or choose from 10 different varieties of milk.

Christopher and Jessica Burns of Las Vegas want to change that. In July of 2019 they opened The Cereal Killerz Kitchen at the Sunset Food Court in Henderson, Nevada, and opened a second store in downtown Las Vegas in July of 2020. Essentially, the establishment is a “cereal bar” and customers can indulge in eating their favorite childhood cereal with a large variety of toppings.

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The Cereal Killerz Kitchen offers over 100 different cereals, along with both dairy and non-dairy milk options and multiple toppings. They also sell ice cream, which can be eaten separately (or included in the cereal bowl if desired). They encourage their customers to use their imaginations to build the cereal bowl, waffle, ice cream or milkshake of their dreams.

In a December 17, 2019 article on, the Cereal Killerz Kitchen was included in a listing highlighting 23 of the over 200 new restaurants that had opened up in the Vegas area during the year.

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In addition to cereals and ice cream, there are also “Killer Snacks,” such as cinnamon toast and bagels and cream cheese. In November, 2019, they debuted a special item, “the LeBron James,” described by Jay Jones of the LA Times as a “taco” smothered with ice cream and James’ favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles.

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Burns attributes his success to the fact that they allow their customers to create their own ideal bowl and to eat in ways that “your parents would never allow you to do.”

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Cereal Killerz Kitchen is planning a third location, but has not yet announced its location. Because of the success of the Centennial location in downtown Las Vegas, Burns has decided to close the original location in Henderson in order to build a brand new, from the ground up, facility that will be more accessible for that community. Their aim is to have this new facility ready in the Spring of 2021. Burns is also planning to launch an online store sometime in November or December of 2020.

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