Third Wave Water Makes Coffee Tastes Better

Taylor Minor knows a thing or two about coffee. As a professional coffee connoisseur and owner of Telemetry Coffee Roasters, brewing up the perfect cup is truly his business.

Most people understand that a quality cup of coffee requires a quality bean that is perfectly roasted, but they don’t consider how the water they’re using affects the flavor of their brew. Minerals and other less desirable contaminants in tap water that is generally used to make coffee can negatively affect the taste, but the correct balance of the right minerals will make your favorite cup of joe taste even better.

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The problem is, most people have no control over what minerals are found in their water. That’s why Minor and co-founder Charles Nick created Third Wave, a mineral blend that you add to your water to create the perfect platform for your coffee.

With Third Wave Water, the concept is simple. Add a small packet to a gallon of distilled or reverse osmosis water, and get brewing. You start with distilled or RO water because they are essentially just H2O, with none of the minerals or contaminants that are typically found in household water like dolomite, halite, and limestone. This gives you a blank canvas to work with. Then you re-mineralize the water by adding a Third Wave capsule, which contains the perfect balance of minerals including magnesium sulfate, calcium citrate and sodium.

Third Wave Water is focused on creating perfect, delicious cups of coffee anywhere in the world. Now the coffee you brew at home can stand head-to-head with anything you’ll find at a fancy café, and you won’t need to wait in line or deal with any pretentious baristas. For coffee lovers everywhere, it’s a no-brainer – of course the water affects the flavor!

Since its launch, Third Wave Water has made waves for its innovative approach to coffee creation. Their Kickstarter campaign raised more than $26,000 toward their goal of bringing the product to life. Food & Wine, Bloom, Refinery29 and Barista Magazine are just a few of the media outlets that have praised the little packets.

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Third Wave offers 2 flavor profiles — Classic for everyday brewing or Espresso for stronger shots. Each package contains enough mineral packets to make 12 gallons of perfectly balanced coffee. With glowing testimony from early adopters and fans, Third Wave Water is truly stirring up a sensation.

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