Wired Waffles

Roger Sullivan had been through a few different businesses when he came up with the idea of combining an energy drink with waffles. The result was Wired Waffles, Belgium waffles made with caffeine, 200mg per serving. He had gone through several iterations until coming up with waffles that were gluten-free, moist, sweet and tasty. And that’s what Roger pitched to the sharks. The sharks pretty much eviscerated him and the waffles. They didn’t like the taste, the packaging, the lack of sales, the amount of caffeine, the inability to keep kids from eating them and on and on.

Wired Waffles Shark Tank 2

Roger kept Wired Waffles afloat for about three years. He said he had received a small investment for 5% of his business to fund selling on Amazon and that he had sold $30,000 worth. Later, the Amazon page expired, the website went dark. Roger went to work for Aramark Uniform Services, though he remains shown as CEO of his waffle company. Roger was last sighted in Southeast Asia as a “writer and vagabond.”

Wired Waffles is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/12/2012 – Season 4 – Episode 5




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