Zipz Single Serving Wine

At the time this episode of Shark Tank aired, Zipz received the largest offer in the show’s history. Kevin O’Leary struck a deal for 2.5 million dollars in exchange for 10% ownership in the company with an option to buy more.

Zipz is a portable, take anywhere, single serving wine  that you can drink on the go. Zipz comes in a high quality plastic glass that looks and feels like the real thing. The recyclable plastic stemware is strong enough to stand on, and the wrapping protects the product from UV light, giving this single serve wine a shelf life of up to one year. Simply unscrew the lid, which attaches to the bottom of glass to create a stable footing and coaster, and enjoy.

In addition to having their own brand of premium wine, Zipz plans to license its patented glass to major wine makers and sees it becoming to the wine industry what the aluminum can is to the soda industry. Zipz is available in Chardonnay 2012, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Pinot Grigio 2013 & Merlot 2012.

Update: Zipz has been discontinued.

Shark Tank Air Date: 12/5/2014 – Season 6 – Episode 11




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