Angels and Tomboys – Lotions and Body Sprays for Kids

Sisters and kid entrepreneurs Madison and Mallory Boyd are proponents of self expression and individuality. Their line of body lotions and body sprays caters to tweens and teenage girls who don’t like the flowery scent of mom’s perfumes and beauty products. Angels and Tomboys products are designed for young, sensitive skin and are made with all-natural ingredients and no junk. They’re paraben-free, never tested on animals, and vegan friendly. All their lotions and sprays are infused with beneficial ingredients that skin loves like shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

What really sets Angels and Tomboys apart from their competition are their fun and quirky fragrances like Monkey Farts, Candy Star Glam, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Rockin’ Blueberry, Lemonade Doughnuts, Deep Fried Ice Cream, Cotton Candied Apples, and Watermelon Funk.

What do monkey farts smell like? According to the reviews, they smell fantastic (must be all the bananas) and others will be asking what scent you’re wearing, to which you get to reply, “Monkey Farts”.

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