BareEase Pre-Waxing Treatment

Waxing is becoming more and more popular today. It’s a great way to keep your bikini line clean, but the pain keeps many women away. If you’ve ever had a Brazilian wax, you probably wonder why you subject yourself to the torture every time you’re at your appointment. Until the pain subsides, you always swear you’ll never do it again. It’s not a fun experience by any stretch of the imagination. That’s exactly why Dr. Edna Ma created BareEASE.

BaseEASE is an innovative product that prepares your skin by moisturizing and numbing your bikini area prior to waxing. This makes bikini waxing nearly pain free. You get all the great benefits of a Brazilian wax without any of the pain.

BareEASE is easy to use. Prepare the area by cleaning and exfoliating the skin. Trim hair to no more than 1/2 an inch then apply the numbing cream to the skin approximately 30 to 45 minutes before your waxing appointment. Slip on the included BareEASE panty to keep the numbing cream in place and protect your clothing.

You should notice the numbing effect in 15 minutes, with the area being fully anesthetized in 30 to 45 minutes. Once you arrive at the appointment, remove any cream remaining on your skin and you’re ready for your waxing.

After your appointment BareEASE will continue to work, allowing the skin irritation to subside before the numbness wears off. From start to finish, you will experience as little pain as possible. It makes waxing easy!

Women love BareEASE. When getting both a Brazilian and a leg wax before BareEASE, the leg wax was the easiest part bay far. With BareEASE, the Brazilian wax feels like nothing now compared to their legs. BareEASE really works! 

UPDATE: BareEase is no longer in business.

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