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Beard King is an innovative product line that helps men who have facial hair, as well as the people who live with them. Facial grooming is an everyday task for many men but cleaning up all the fallen hairs afterwards is a tedious chore that often gets neglected. Beard King’s Beard Bib was designed with this in mind, saving men from the need to track down and clean up beard and mustache trimmings that scatter around during shaving.

The product’s design is as simple as it is ingenious. The Beard Bib is a catcher for hair clippings with two suction cups attached at the ends. To use the Beard King you simply remove it from its travel bag, put it around your neck, and attach the suction cups to the mirror. Shave as normal and all of the trimmings will fall into the bib. When you have finished shaving you can detach the suction cups, walk the bib over to the nearest trash can, and deposit the trimmings. If you are interrupted while shaving, you can take the bib off and hang the loops on the neck strap on the suction cups. The trimmings will remain safely caught in the bib.

The Beard Bib comes in two basic colors, white and black. Beard King also sells apparel with their logo and various witty slogans. Men who want their beards to look their best can also purchase Beard King’s King Kit, which comes with a Beard King bib, a beard brush, and three beard oils. The beard oils – Knight, Sovereign, and Imperial each have a different scent and are made of all natural ingredients to keep your beard healthy.

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