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Boost Oxygen is 95% pure aviator’s breathing oxygen—an all-natural energy supplement and recovery aid that is known as “canned oxygen” or “recreational oxygen.” It is for non-medical use only. The oxygen is delivered from an aluminum canister to your mouth or nose through a pressurized actuator and ergonomic mask, both designed and patented by Boost.

Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen has gone from industry pioneer to #1 personal oxygen canister company, setting the standard for non-prescription, 100% safe supplemental oxygen that is easily accessible to the general public. It is safe for all ages, non-toxic, non-narcotic and the best-selling and most-trusted oxygen canister brand in the world, with distribution across the US and in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Korea and China.

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Rob Neuner, co-founder and CEO, traveled regularly for his job as an importer of European beer. And he struggled regularly with insomnia or excessive sleepiness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating or stomach problems due to jet lag. He discovered canned oxygen in Central Europe and took a couple of breaths of it. No more jet lag! He brought it home with him to use when competing in triathlons or hiking in the mountains. He was so excited by it that he decided to manufacture his own brand in the US, improving the product and making it more affordable.

His business partner and co-founder, Mike Grice, COO, served in the Marines for 27 years, then served as COO for two nonprofits that help military veterans find new careers and as CEO of an organization that educates civilians on how to work effectively with military veterans.

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Rob and Mike’s motto is “Help Is Here.” Help for trainers and athletes in all the major professional sports leagues; youth participating in high school and college athletic programs; senior citizens who want to maintain active life styles; outdoor adventurers who have to deal with poor air quality due to heat, humidity, ozone, smoke or pollen; and anyone unused to high altitudes. It’s also a quick cure for a hangover!

The canisters come in three sizes: Large, 10 liters with >200 one-second inhalations; Medium, 5 liters with >100 inhalations; and Pocket Size, 2 liters with >40 inhalations. And there are flavors: natural (unscented), peppermint, menthol-eucalyptus and pink grapefruit.

Rob and Mike’s most recent iteration is Think TankTM Nootropic Brain Booster that comes in the five-liter size. Think TankTM combines oxygen with the aroma of rosemary to energize your brain. Studies have found that an increased oxygen level provides benefits such as improving your memory, reaction time and verbal performance.

Boost Oxygen has partnered with Major League Lacrosse, earning the trust of players and coaches to enhance performance and expedite recovery. Also, Sportsman’s Warehouse chose it as their Pro’s Pick.

Both Rob and Mike have worked for MVPvets, a not-for-profit organization working to connect life science companies with military veterans and their exceptional work ethic, wide range of skills and extraordinary focus in achieving business goals. They now sponsor the Mentoring Veterans Program.

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