CreaClip for Home Hair Cuts by CreaProducts

CreaProducts is a product development and consulting firm led by CEO and inventor Mai Lieu. They create and sell unique beauty products that anyone can use at home to achieve professional salon quality results. Mai has an impressive history of career achievements including more than 7 first-place international hairdressing awards. She studied under Toni & Guy, Sebastian and Wella, and Vidal Sassoon, was named as one of the top 4 business women in Cambridge’s “Who’s Who”, and has been featured extensively in books, magazines, TV and radio.

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The product line includes the popular CreaClip, an easy-to-use tool for home haircuts that’s great for giving yourself a trim or using on the kids. For straight-forward hair cutting jobs, this tool can save you a small fortune in trips to the stylist or barber. If you’ve ever attempted a haircut, you know it can be challenging to create a smooth and even look. If you cut a little crooked you have to trim some more off to straighten the cut, and it’s easy to end up with too much on the floor. With the CreaClip design you’ll always cut straight, and it lets you easily cut in layers. Sure beats the bowl that grandma would use as a template.


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Other products include CreaNails, a stencil that fits around your fingernails to prevent you from coloring outside the lines, and CreaLash, a shield that protects your skin from less than perfect applications of mascara and other eye make-up.

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