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When you lead an active life, everyday injuries come with the territory. Whether you participate in tough-as-nails workouts or your work life involves heavy physical activity, getting hurt will happen. It’s a truth that Dale King and Renee Wallace faced regularly. King is the owner of PSKC Crossfit in Portsmouth, OH, with Wallace being a member of the gym. Wallace served the gym’s community with her handmade lotions and hand creams. When King approached Wallace with the idea of creating a natural first aid ointment, she jumped on the idea.

What started as a simple blend of natural first aid ingredients has since turned into a bona fide business, with King and Wallace at the forefront. Dubbed Doc Spartan for its Crossfit background, this healing brand melds powerfully gentle ingredients with a playful aesthetic that speaks to the tough cookie inside of you. The brand features 3 product collections — the signature Combat Ready line, Man Care and Bad Ass Chick.

As Doc Spartan’s signature collection, the Combat Ready collection features 4 convenient takes on the ointment first developed by Renee Wallace for PSKC members in OH. From a traditional tin to a super-easy roll-on, you can take these innovative first aid products anywhere. In the Man Care collection you’ll find deodorant, soap in the shape of a grenade, body scrub and other hygiene products for the guys. Manly scents that are free from nasty ingredients make these perfect for the active guy. Finally, the Bad Ass Chick collection offers a tough girls-only approach to the same great care.

Doc Spartan products were created for active people who engage in grueling physical workouts. Crossfit athletes, boxers, long-distance runners and bikers, and anyone who puts their body through the ringer can benefit from Doc Spartan’s signature ointment. Clip it to your clothing before your next marathon to deal with annoying blisters as they appear, or use it to protect chapped hands during lifting.

Doc Spartan is great for the everyday athlete as well. Carry the ointment in your backpack on the next family camping trip for those unavoidable nicks from tree branches. Slip it in your purse when you take the kids to the park. It’s easy to travel with and even easier to use … not to mention that the natural ingredients are safe for all kinds of sensitive skin. Doc Spartan ointment is crafted with coconut oil, 100% Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil to ensure wounds are soothed as they heal.

Take advantage of Doc Spartan’s other products as well to round out your hygiene regimen. The Armpit Armor deodorant already has many excellent reviews for both men and women, with a formula that protects against stinky sweat sessions while promoting healthy underarm skin.

Doc Spartan is proudly veteran-owned and small town made, with a strong focus on community. The brand has sponsored several fitness and powerlifting events, among others, and has been featured as part of monthly subscription packages for retail customers. It is on the way to take over the hygiene market with its mission for natural strength and healing.

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