Laid Brand Pheromone Infused Hair Care

We understand the power of pheromones, those biological triggers that attract us to others and give a feel-good boost of hormones. But have you ever considered using them in your hair as part of your “feel great” lifestyle? Adam Rauch and David L. Hensley wanted to find a way to marry their love of hair with a love of seeing women feel their absolute best. The look of confidence in a woman’s eye when she leaves a salon with a hot haircut was intoxicating. Couldn’t she carry that with her beyond that day? Laid Brand is an innovative way to bring that sentiment to life with the power of science.

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Laid Brand features three signature products that are packed with good-for-the-brain pheromones designed to give a boost of confidence. The Straight 2 Kinky Multi-Purpose Leave-In Conditioner controls frizz for daily styling, the Fill Me Up Texture Spray gives soft bounce and life to hair, and the Rockin’ Multi-Purpose Oil helps repair damaged hair, adds shine and is perfect for wet or dry hair. Each of these products are formulated with ingredients chosen for their health properties, using the expertise of both Rauch and Hensley.

All of Laid Brand’s products feature Pherottraction Technology, a trademarked formula that blends six stimulating pheromones. They are designed to elicit a specific response: attraction. Now just from men, but from anyone—a boost of confidence, a spike in compliments, and a general sense of great well-being that comes from these special hormones.

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CEO Rauch and Celebrity Hairstylist guru Hensley teamed up to help women achieve their best sense of self in 2012. Their first objective was to create a line of healthy-hair products that their customers could feel great about using. This meant formulating products that were sulfate-free and loaded with good-for-the-hair ingredients like essential oils. Their next objective was to step things up a notch with a blend of never-before-seen ingredients that would take beautiful hair to the next level.

With these in mind, the co-founders started a three-year study to determine the effects of pheromones. Their potency, their confidence-boosting effects and more were studied strategically as the Pherottraction Technology was brought to life. They learned that pheromones have an effect at up to 10 feet away, and therefore using them in the hair can be an effective way to get a little boost (and give one to those around you, too).

Laid Brand’s Pherottraction Technology is created to mimic that “fresh from the salon” feeling at anytime. Plus a total life hack for getting positive responses from the people around you? Sounds like a win-win.

Update: Laid Brand has been discontinued.

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