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It’s not just you – maintaining a healthy lifestyle is tough for everyone. Reading ingredient lists and checking expiration dates is hard enough. In this new world of strange diets, unregulated weight loss pills and “hot new superfoods”, it can sometimes feel downright impossible to know what the best way is to lose weight and maintain your health. That’s why MealEnders, the simple 15-calorie craving killer, can be the perfect addition to your efforts. Rather than building his business on bogus research and straight-up fads, Mark Bernstein used psychology to create an innovation you can take daily to curb appetite in a natural way.

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It started with Bernstein’s own health. When a few bowls of spaghetti too many caused him to pack on some extra pounds, his doctor encouraged him to get out there and try to lose weight on his own before placing him on a supplement. His search, however, came up empty. There were no natural appetite suppressants he could take and feel good about. That’s when he joined forces with the nation’s leading food development firm in Silicon Valley to create a product that could fight the urge to overeat—naturally. The result was MealEnders, and their trademarked Duo Sensory Taste System that’s formulated to help curb appetite.

The MealEnders philosophy was simple: safely and effectively reduce the desire to overeat. Bernstein and the development firm crafted a tasty lozenge that tastes like dessert (available in citrus, cinnamon, mocha and chocolate mint flavors) to satisfy your sweet tooth. The outer layer of these treats provides just enough sweetness to cue your brain that it’s dessert time—a big hint that eating time is almost over. In the inner core, a tingling mint center envelopes your taste buds to cue your brain once again. This minty core is created to signal the trigeminal nerve to clear your palate, cuing the brain that it’s time to stop eating. This is a similar idea to the old technique of brushing your teeth after your meal.

The process is easy. Give these two delectable layers 20 minutes to work, and you can trick your brain into leaving your plate alone. They’re great after any meal, and can potentially help trigger your brain to satiation mode. With MealEnders, you don’t have to worry about the presence of untested drugs or artificial sweeteners. There’s no high fructose corn syrup, herbs or gluten in these tiny waist-savers. They’re even kosher. You’ll keep calories at bay while enjoying a tasty treat.

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MealEnders uses behavioral and sensory science methods to naturally curb your desire to overeat. They’re not a meal replacement. This brand doesn’t focus on the latest “miracle” ingredient, or ask you to put your body into an unnatural starvation mode. There’s no reason to cut entire groups of foods from your diet. The most tried-and-true method to good health is a simple equation: less calories in – more calories out = weight loss. These lozenges help you fill in the gaps in this equation with ease. Bonus: just like Pavlov’s dog, the more often you use them, the more readily your brain will associate the tingly mint with the end of mealtime.

Bernstein and his team have found so many useful ways to help you utilize these little lozenges. The company has been featured in Hungry Girl and Weight Watchers Magazine, with everyday fitness lovers trying them out for themselves. Their goal is to help you set yourself up for success with MealEnders, to let your brain help your body reach its full potential.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/3/17 – Season 8 – Episode 19




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