Plunge Cold Water Immersion

After graduating from Penn State, Mike Garrett worked in finance, but he soon found that his passion lay in float therapy. He first built a float tank for himself, then opened Reboot Float & Cryo Spa in San Francisco. While biking through the Rocky Mountains, Mike got in the habit of jumping into every cold lake or river he came across. The more he jumped, the better he felt—until he could no longer wait until he was in the mountains for his “fix.” Cold plunge tubs were prohibitively expensive, so he and his father built a more affordable option. After many variations, they created the Plunge so that everyone could reap the benefits of plunging.

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Meanwhile, Ryan Duey had graduated from Cal Poly University. He was in Thailand when he was seriously injured in a head-on motorcycle crash. During his long recovery, he journeyed to the jungles of the Amazon, spent a considerable amount of time in float tanks, and committed to a career in the Health and Wellness industry. When he returned to the US, he visited Reboot Float Spa, met Mike, joined him in his business venture with a mission to make cold plunging as common as that morning jolt of coffee.

Plunge Features

  • The tub is 24” high, 31.5” wide, 67” long. (Mike is 6’6” so for sure the Plunge is going to accommodate bigger people.)
  • The design is sleek and elegant and will fit into any décor.
  • Cools to 39 degrees Fahrenheit (at a rate of approximately 3 degrees per hour).
  • Setup is “plug-and-play.” Tub needs a sturdy, flat surface and a nearby GFCI 110 outlet. Put it in place, plug in the 15’ cord, and then wait for it to fill—and wait and wait. Only difficult part of the setup.
  • Weighs 150 lbs. empty and 1,000 lbs. full of water. (We mean seriously sturdy surface.)
  • State-of-the-art filtration system includes that includes circular filtration, ozone sanitation and a 20 micron filter.
  • Drain with hook-up that can be attached to a garden hose.
  • Built-in underwater light for evening plunges.
  • Insulated cover with straps and clips that can be locked.
  • Maintenance pack keeps the water crystal clear for 6 months or longer.

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Benefits of the Plunge

A full body immersion, from the neck down, exposes the musculoskeletal system to numerous benefits, including those outlined below.

Mood Enhancement

Cold water immersion triggers dopaminergic transmission, which means, in plain English, that as you sit and soak, you get a rush of dopamine, those mood-boosting neurotransmitters that also calm your body and soul. They also treat mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety disorders and some aspects of bipolar disorder.


If you would like to start your day off with a burst of energy, cold plunging may do the trick for you. A cold plunge a day increase the levels of norepinephrine and, therefore, your energy.

Immune System

Cold water boosts white blood cell count over time — the more plunges, the more your body reacts and adapts to changes, including producing more infection-fighting cells. Your body becomes better at activating its defenses.

Physical Recovery

Athletes can feel the wear and tear on their muscles as they exercise. The muscles may begin to create tiny tears, which, in healing, result in muscle growth. Cold water promotes the healing of those muscles.

Improved Circulation

The cold water shrinks the blood vessels, and the blood rushes to surround the vital organs. The heart is then forced to pump more efficiently and supply every part of your body with oxygen and nutrients. When the plunge is over, the blood vessels re-open, which improves circulation, as well as helping to flush out parts of the immune system.

Reduced Joint Pain and Inflammation

The constriction of blood vessels helps to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by the body sending too much blood to the affected area. Even better, the cold can actually numb the nerve endings and relieve pain.

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