PRx Performance Folding Rack for Home Gym

For anyone who’s ever said they didn’t have the time for the gym or the space for all the equipment they need to regularly workout, comes the PRx profile rack from PRX Performance. This highly-durable, American-made rack features an ergonomic style that is easily used and stored right on your wall. It’s the perfect starting platform for building your best home gym with other rack products in PRx Performance’s line of gear.

The PRx Profile series all starts with the slender steel rack that serves as the home gym base. The rack can be easily stored against the wall in any room of your home, with only a 4-inch depth when folded and stored.

Smooth gas shocks keep the hinges light and strong, making it easy for anyone, even the family member who isn’t doing any heavy lifting, to push it inward for storage anytime. Safety locking pins and lift-assist handles increase the safety of the rack, effectively keeping it childproof and secure for everyone.

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PRx Performance offers a full line of accessories to bring your new home gym to life. From barbells to medicine balls, kipping bars to plyometric boxed, they have everything you need to get in a full workout in no time. No more working your schedule around when you can drive to the gym, no more moving your gear in and out of storage to workout. Simply pull down your rack with your accessories attached.

CEO Brian Brasch and his team are dedicated to providing simple and powerful solutions to fitness-minded organizations and individuals with their exercise equipment. Originally created for Crossfit workouts, the PRX Performance rack and its accessories can now be found in thousands of gyms and homes across the country, including the garage of rapper Vanilla Ice.

The PRx Performance system offers big results in just a little space.

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