Stryx Cosmetics & Skincare for Men

Devir Kahan went to his wedding with a pimple on his face. There was his beautiful, flawless bride and there was his pimple. The pimple grew throughout the day (in his mind) and was enshrined forever in hundreds of wedding photos.

Later, he discovered that his friends run into the same problem. Maybe a wedding. Maybe an interview. Maybe a first date. Maybe a “do or die” Zoom meeting. Some men “borrow” their girlfriends’ cosmetics. Some skulk down the women’s cosmetics aisles—pretending they are shopping for a sister or mother at the checkout counter.

Devir determined that he would create effective skincare products for men and make them “too cool for school,” so that no man would be embarrassed to use them. He researched, designed and developed his first product, the Concealer Tool, and Stryx was born—a new category of functional cosmetics for men.

Meanwhile, Jon Shanahan was turning his flair for men’s style into a website and YouTube channel, The Kavalier, on which he reviewed new products. He often received free samples, and one day, the Concealer Tool landed on his desk. Then the day came when he had to shoot a video and there it was, right in the middle of his chin, the biggest, meanest pimple ever (in his mind). He remembered the Concealer Tool and dabbed it on that bad boy. Neither the pimple nor the concealer was visible in the video. He wanted to learn more about the Stryx line at the very same time that Devir was looking for someone good at content, community and branding. Click! Jon joined Stryx as a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

Jon used his expertise with YouTube to educate men on the cosmetics made just for them:

  • How men’s skin is oilier, rougher and thicker than women’s and their pores are larger.
  • How Stryx is not only used cosmetically for blemishes, scratches, scars, razor burn and morning-after eye bags, but also therapeutically for rosacea and the pallor that comes with serious illnesses.
  • How the formulations are matte and imperceptible on the skin.
  • How to experiment with new products at home before venturing out into the world.

Then Jon experimented with the short-form video platform, TikTok, and saw his audience grow exponentially—millions and millions of likes. Which led to Stryx being picked up by CVS and later Target!

Stryx was one of the first cosmetics companies to use TikTok, and it was the very first to put a bullet of concealer into a slim cylinder. (Is it a pen? A vape? A flash drive?) Stryx’s unique packaging design is based on “What would James Bond use?” Sleek, discreet, convenient—what any guy would carry in a pocket or keep at their desk.

Stryx is now testing other markets in European and Asian cities where men are more amenable to using skincare products to put their best face forward.

Stryx Cosmetics And Skincare For Men Shark Tank 2

Stryx Products

Concealer Tool

For that pimple or red spot that just popped up: Dab on the concealer and blend with a finger. The natural pigments hide acne, razor burns, scars and restore a healthy look to your face in seconds. The shades are highly adaptable for undetectable coverage on all skin tones.

Tinted Moisturizer

Nourishes the skin while cooling down inflammation, diminishing redness and evening out skin tone for instant improvement of any breakout areas. Apply a small amount to your hands and rub into the entire face.

Bronzing Gel

Apply to the face, scalp, neck or arms as you would a moisturizer for a healthy glow that looks and feels natural. Works with every skin tone. Use directly on the skin or mix with a moisturizer. Start with a thin, even layer, and build up for a deeper tone, if desired.

Pimple Patches™

These ultra-thin hydrocolloid patches greatly reduce the time it takes to heal blemishes by removing the dirt and bacteria under your skin. They are non-drying and drug-free and hide your acne while being nearly invisible themselves. Apply patch to clean, dry skin and keep on at least six hours. Remove once impurities fill the patch.

Energizing Eye Tool

This unique collagen-boosting serum for men is specially formulated to brighten, nourish and invigorate the soft skin around the eyes and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The cooling aluminum rollerball instantly reduces puffiness.

Gel Cleanser

Wash away impurities as your skin is protected and refreshed with healthy botanicals, such as tea tree oil and aloe. Use a nickel-sized amount for your entire face and work into a foamy lather.

Stryx Gives Back

Every month Stryx partners with a charity and donates 20% of a day’s sales, including

  • Charities devoted to Asian American/Pacific Islanders
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network

Shark Tank Air Date: 05/13/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 23




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