The Chub Rub Patch

“Chub Rub” may elicit a chuckle, but chub rub is definitely dreary. It is the painful, unsightly chafing on the inner thighs due to skin rubbing against skin. The skin can be left mildly itchy to severely blistered, a whole spectrum that includes bumps and burns and swollen, red, splotchy and painful skin.

The chafing is caused by a wide array of things. People who wear overly tight clothes are susceptible, but so are people who like loose clothing. Fitness aficionados, runners and other athletes who engage is strenuous repetitive motion are susceptible, but so are those who like to go out for an occasional night of dancing. Walking around the neighborhood can bring on chub rub, but so can being a couch potato if you sit cross-legged. Fabrics contribute, for example, the slightly abrasive denim and polyester and rayon that do not breathe well or wick moisture from the body. Do we even need to mention trips to the beach with sand, sand everywhere!

Do not be misled that chub rub only afflicts a particular body size and shape or gender. Anyone can be susceptible—both curvy women and slim. Even Beyonce has been known to talk about her struggles with it! There are men who have chub rub, but they are less susceptible. Women shave their legs; men’s hair provides a cushion to prevent the skin-against-skin friction.

The Chub Rub Patch For Inner Thigh Chafing Shark Tank 2

Features of the Chub Rub Patches

Brittany Lammon spent two years on research and development to create Chub Rub Patches that are an easy-to-apply anti-chafing solution. The patches create a silky surface so that the thighs slide smoothly against each other rather than experience the resistance that chafes.

  • Made of medical-grade 100% cotton and 100% poly-acrylic adhesive.
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free.
  • Waterproof, resistant to sweat and breathable.
  • As easy to remove as to apply.
  • Five skin-tone shades: ivory, tan, chestnut, cocoa and espresso.
  • Available in packages of 2 pair, 3 pair and 5 pair.
  • One time wear is recommended, but if you can wear them multiple days, go for it!

About Brittany Lammon

Brittany is a much sought-after makeup and hair stylist currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment. She travels around the country and the world making the superstars of the WWE look fabulous.

She graduated from the Ohio State School of Cosmetology and the Cosmix School of Make-up Artistry. Through the years, she honed her skills and built her reputation while teaching and working with high-end clients and well-known companies. In addition to her obvious talent, her ability to work with high-profile personalities and within high-pressure situations makes her the ideal stylist for extravaganzas.

The Chub Rub Patch For Inner Thigh Chafing Shark Tank Founder

Brittany is also an inveterate inventor and owner of several patents, one for a revolutionary hair tool that helps hairstylists open bobby pins (near impossible to do with one hand). Since then, she has created, developed and marketed other innovative products. And then she was determined to solve the problem of chub rub!

Chub Rub Mission

Brittany uses her company and the patches to spread self-confidence among women and eliminate the cruel body shaming that is running rampant throughout our society. She works toward all women being able to celebrate their own bodies, even if they are not a traditional shape or size or feel they cannot wear a certain style.

She advocates for women empowerment by fostering confidence and comfort in women’s endeavors, uplifts women at all turns and, particularly, assists other women entrepreneurs in creating the products of the future.

Shark Tank Air Date: 02/17/2023 – Season 14 – Episode 14




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