Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs

You could say that Jackson Mann has an ear for great sound. As a former live entertainment worker and avid concertgoer, he has spent a whole lot of time listening to music – at exceptionally high decibel levels. In 2014, Mann ruptured an eardrum at a concert. It shattered more than just his hearing – it shattered his idea of what constitutes a great live music experience. That’s why Mann created Vibes, the high-fidelity earplugs.

Vibes were created to not only muffle noisy environments, but to enhance them. While most earplugs are designed to just block out sound, Vibes earplugs provide HD-sound by filtering acoustics. Rather than just hearing the buzz of too much bass, or the squeal of too much treble, Vibes help equalize sound, while lowering the volume as much as 22dB. Ear damage can occur at just 85dB, a level of noise that is all around us (that’s heavy traffic, noisy restaurants and machinery), and once hearing loss has occurred there is no repairing it.

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Vibes was already making some noise before appearing on Shark Tank, with over 5,000 units sold – 70% of which from everyday people buying online. Vibes are ideal for anyone who encounters louder-than-average sounds on a regular basis. They’re perfect for concertgoers, those of us who like a lot of bass on the commute home, as well as those who regular local nightclubs and outdoor events. Ear protection is imperative for those who work in noisy industries like construction, security, live events, and music (of course).

Vibes earplugs aren’t just for blocking out unwanted sound to protect your delicate eardrums. They’re designed to enhance the sound around you. Built for comfort and minimalism, you can wear these to the kids’ birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, and hear everyone’s voices over the ding of machine games.

We wear safety glasses to protect our vision, see a dentist annually to protect our teeth, and see a doctor to be sure we’re taking good care of our bodies. Typically, we only check our hearing when something is wrong. But by then, it might be too late. Taking a proactive approach is far better and less expensive than buying a hearing aid.

Jackson Mann is on a mission to protect our hearing while enhancing the quality of sound and the experience of listening. With Vibes you’re doing more than just blocking out unwanted sound, you’re making the sounds you hear even richer. Now that is something worth shouting about.

Each pair of vibes purchased helps fund Hear The World Foundation, a non-profit that supports disadvantaged people with hearing loss around the world.

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